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Richard Scott and Gavin Rain exhibit together
08 December 2005

An eventful year for artist Richard Scott is drawing to an end and with it comes the event that will put the seal on it – his year-end exhibition at the VEO Gallery. True to his style, a couple of surprises have also been thrown in. Firstly, to celebrate his recently launched Richard Scott foundation, he has invited the artist Gavin Rain to exhibit with him. Gavin Rain is a yet unknown artist whom Richard believes to be destined to become one of South Africa's leading artist and he is very excited about the opportunity to introduce his work. Gavin's attitude is parallel to Richard's and his work, a mass of intricately placed circles, allows the viewer a lateral look at portfolio work. "You just sit and stare at his work for hours", says Richard. The second surprise is that Richard's body of works on show will consist of a set of 20 unique paintings that sees a departure from the work most people are familiar with. In a fresh take on pop art, with certain salient Richard Scott aspects still very visible, Richard has produced the Wonderwomen series. This exclusive set is also unique in the sense that the style will not be repeated. Capetownians will be the first to view this one-off series. After a year that saw a very successful exhibition in Belgium and steadily growing international interest, the publishing of his book and the launch of his foundation, this exhibition will provide the welcome opportunity to absorb the world and art of one of Cape Town's most prolific and increasingly important artists. VEO Art Gallery, 8 Jarvis Street, De Waterkant, Greenpoint Telephone (021) 421 1568 Opening: Tuesday 13 December 2005, 18:00 Exhibition closes Tuesday 23 December, 2005